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Myth- Budgeting is only for people who are struggling with money

The truth is everyone should be using a monthly budget to help with their personal finances! Many people believe that you should only budget if you’re living paycheck to paycheck (with all your money going out as soon as it comes in). Even if you are feeling pretty good about where you are financially, you need to budget. A budget will allow you have grow your savings and manage your money even better. If you truly want to crush your goals quicker, if you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, or if you’ve never even looked at a credit card statement you should be budgeting.

Seriously—everyone needs a budget. A budget can help you manage your money, help set and reach your short and long term money goals, kick debt to the curb and will allow you to build an amazing financial future, and so much more.

No matter if you’re struggling or feeling pretty good about your finances—a budget is for you.

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